Spokes Mentoring Programme

By Spokes Personal Performance Coaching


Cycling, triathlons and endurance events are possibly the most sociable but equally most gruelling sports activities.

Improvement in personal performance necessarily requires a commitment to training and preparation that perversely can be rather lonely with both physical + mental demands often tougher than the actual event!

Having chosen to undertake a Spokes Training Plan we would like to provide you with complimentary support from one of our Mentors to ensure you get the most from your Training Plan.

The Spokes Mentors are not professional coaches, however they are experienced athletes that are currently, or have recently been, coached by a Spokes professional coach and are keen to share their experience with you to help develop your performance and pleasure from your chosen sport.

In order to match you to the most suitable Spokes Mentor we would ask that you complete the following questions:

Train safe and #ridethruit with the Spokes Team.